What Goes Back

This is a sequel to my post from August “What Goes” (you can reread it here: https://katyaskishinyov.wordpress.com/2015/08/25/what-goes/)

“Da” is the only word I know.
Will you miss Moldova?
Do you miss home?
Are you sad to leave?
Are you glad to go?
My lives are two,
But I am one.
I will always be both here and there-
Here, I was the girl from there.
There, I’ll be back from here.

What else goes back?
Three suitcases in navy
Still with tags from Emirate Air
And a sticker from Russian security.

Clothes, not very useful,
But the ones I love the most:
A hand-knit sweater dress
An apron,
Rugs worn as a skirt.

Fruits and from-scratch pastries
In the form of fifteen pounds.
Friends, already invited to my wedding.
Mounds of books that will become
Companions to my bedding.

Words in those books, words in this blog,
Words in a Russian dictionary.
Skills in speaking Russian,
For when a dictionary fails.
Thankfulness to my teachers,
And their emails.

Opinions, religion, self-reflection.
A lot of thinking,
As depicted in a local artist’s painting.

Hats, a new haircut, gifts.
A broader field of vision.
The knowledge that my life
Has been changed by this decision.

Plus a lot of other stuff
Packed not in a suitcase, but my mind.
Stuff that has made this year
More than enough.


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